09.08.03 – Charlottesville VA

Turns out the Charlottesville Performing Arts Center is just a fancy name for the Charlottesville Public High School Auditorium. So we spent the afternoon sitting in our Target why-are-these-so-comfortable-these-really-shouldn’t-be-this-comfortable chairs on the front lawn of the high school. Allyson kept getting offended by the marching band, who were doing drills on the football field, but you see Allyson can be as high and mighty as she wants about this because she used to twirl rifles in “Drum Core” back in California, which was like marching band boot camp or something.

Here she is showing our bus driver, Sarge, how to twirl a rifle:

And here’s Sarge showing me how to cock the rifle:

And here’s Sarge telling me about how long I’d last in the military:

This morning Allyson realized that two pairs of sneakers on the bus probably didn’t belong to anyone on our bus. After asking around, we couldn’t figure out whose they were. They were like the kind of sneakers that athletic people wear. So we asked Sarge who had the bus before us and he said “Limp Bizkit,” which means that these are definitely Fred Durst’s shoes:

We left them on stage with us for most of the night and then gave them to Ilan, the guest violin guy from the University of Richmond.

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