09.17.03 – Boston, MA

So let’s review the history of our dorky Boston stage entrances so far:

April 1998 — Somerville Theater, we take the stage in sweatsuits, wristbands, and tube socks to the theme from Rocky. (“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor for those of you born in the 90’s).

October 1999 — Orpheum Theater, we get lowered from the ceiling to the stage in a three-person chair while wearing tuxedos. I believe the music is the theme from “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

August 2000 — Harborlights, we paddled into a dock behind the venue in a yellow rubber dinghy with lifejackets on, filming it and broadcasting the video live, soundtracked by the Foreplay part of Boston’s “Foreplay/Long Time.”

December 2002 — Orpheum Theater, running out of ideas, we do the Price Is Right “Come On Down” thing for like the twelfth time. Planted in the crowd with big name tags, we freak out and run down the aisles to the stage when our names are called. Music is The Price is Right theme. Duh.

June 2003 — City Hall Plaza, not really planning any special entrance we are thrilled to discover after the show that the mayor has introduced us as “Goose-ter.” Sometimes the most brilliant moments are accidents.

That brings us to last weekend’s show at Harborlights. A kid named Scott sent us an email a few weeks ago pitching the idea of a Mr Rogers-themed entrance for the Boston show, so we ran with it. Thanks Scott. We rented the trolley, rode it in, played the It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood intro theme, and changed into zip-up cardigan sweaters and blue keds on stage before even picking up our instruments.

For the record, Ryan and Adam are actually taking off their shoes and putting on the flat blue Fred Rogers sneakers. I am taking off the flat blue sneakers and putting on my regular shoes. Some of us have to play kick drums. Joe came out for “I Spy” to thunderous silence dressed as Mr McFeelie, the mailman guy that very few people seem to know from Mr Rogers. He looked good but he said his moustache fucked up his harmonica solo during “Backyard.”

It wasn’t until we actually watched a couple of episodes of Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood that I remembered just how creepy the show was.

Plus that short-haired librarian-looking puppet from the Land of Make Believe used to always creep me out. Why did her nose have to have nasty broken blood vessels on the end of it? I *hated* her when I was a kid. Hate her.

I don’t know what to do next in Boston. I think we peaked In The Year 2000. A girl named Kimberly just sent us this idea in an email, what do you think?:

find 3 elementary-aged kids who resemble the 3 of you, hook 2 of them up with guitars and slap some tape on young thundergod’s hands, and have them all ride pigs down the aisles to symbolize the journey through childhood and into the piggish world of adult corruption. then you guys walk out with huge lollipops with “greed”, “hate”, and “adultery” written on them, and offer them to the kids, who then kick you in the nuts, displaying the sound morality of guster in their refusal to accept these evil notions. the kids run off, and then you’re good to go. i think this would make a powerful statement.

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