09.24.03 – Albany, NY

I need my left hand to stop bleeding when I hit it against my drums. The Krazy Glue isn’t working anymore… the cut gets bigger every night even if I stuff it with glue before the show. Today I biked over to the Rite Aid in downtown Albany and bought a few items:

I used the “2nd Skin” thing to cover the cut, and I reinforced the adhesive side with Krazy Glue to make sure it didn’t fall off right away. (Note: I also used the Krazy Glue to glue my thumb to my palm).

I made it about halfway through the set before the bandage fell off, during All The Way Up To Heaven, and I bled on my drums for the rest of the night.

Someone said I should fill a pair of deerskin gloves with Crack Creme or Bag Balm, and sleep with them on all night — which seems like a good idea except that it involves sleeping with wet deerskin gloves on all night. I think I’d rather bleed on my drums.

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