09.27.03 – Penn’s Landing

Penn’s Landing is one of those venues that’s set up completely outdoors — it’s pretty much a parking lot beneath the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

There were rain clouds coming and going all day, but somehow the rain held out until after our set. It was actually a really nice night for a concert. So then why does Joe look so…completely God-awful? And why did Gordon punch a dent into the towel dispenser in the trailer bathroom?

Before showtime they lost running water at the venue, so our lush little trailer bathroom wasn’t flushable. We’ve been in this predicament before, mind you. But Joe had just started a shower and his water pressure turned to a drool in front of his eyes. joe had to take what we call a “Deer Park Shower” and that’s no fun for anyone.

Gord punched the towel dispenser for lots of reason, though I’m sure having no towels was one of them, and having nowhere to shit was another, and all of us turning into a bunch of spoiled rockstars is another still…there were band turds in every toilet you could find in the trailer by the time we took the stage.

After the show we expected the water to be back but it wasn’t. So we told all the guests at our “aftershow meet and greet” event in the trailer that the egg salad had been left out all day. It was the quickest meet and greet ever.

At least the show was awesome. We played “Long Way Down” for the first time. Thanks to Dan and Chris for playing horns And Eric from Sam Roberts’ band for learning the wuriltzer part. And thanks to Buster, the Lakewood NJ single A minor league baseball Blue Claw. And thanks to SWOOP from the Philadelphia Eagles. And thanks to Nick Carter for emailing us and telling us that he had the exact same inflatable cowboy suit from the Amsterdam video. We managed to get three mascots on stage without knocking over any mic stands.

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