10.01.03 – Centralia, PA

Took a drive to Centralia Pennsylvania during our day off. Centralia is a ghost town these days, though it was an active mining town for much of the twentieth century. In 1962 the coal mine beneath Centralia caught on fire and raged out of control. It’s still raging underground today.

Rather than pay the 700 million dollars it would cost to put the fire out, in 1984 the government decided to evacuate the town, relocating 545 residences and turning Centralia into a barren wasteland. A few stubborn people still live there today, though the local Highway 61 closed twenty years ago when huge cracks formed in the road.

We played Godspeed You Black Emperor in the car while we drove around town and everyone got spooked. Ryan couldn’t get the dumptruck to work.

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  1. kmcclure210

    Wow, that’s creepy! And really cool. I kind of want to go visit.

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