10.08.03 – New Orleans, LA

This came to our office in the mail from a little kid (I hope):

In case you can’t make out the words, it says:

Brian shave beird
Ryan get haircut
Adam doing great job
Joe more banjoe
Pastey get some sun

Technically it says “Toe more banjoe” though. That’s not a J. That’s an umbrella. Good to know that Adam doesn’t have any self-improvements to make in the eyes of advice-giving toddlers. Though as an insider here I can assure you Adam is far from perfect. Adam leaves Hot Pocket Cheese Turds on the microwave dish and when you don’t get to them right away they settle into the glass — every time someone uses the microwave the turds get a little harder. After a week you need like three people and a box of tools to get them off.

Hot Pocket Turd

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