10.11.03 Florida

The St. Petersburg show has happened. The most feared show of the tour… the one where we were supposed to play to no one in brutal Florida humidity… the one where we expected to be able to toss a free Guster t-shirt into the crowd and then find it on the venue floor at the end of the night… it’s over and it actually went well. The whole Florida week went well.

We challenged Florida to shit or get off the pot this time, and Florida took a big collective shit for us. We promise not to wait three years to come back.

Getting back to the hotel last night after the show I walked into the lobby and saw lots of…flesh! Scantilly-clad girls wearing make-up, sideways baseball caps, and tiny skirts. Fishnet stockings! Just as I was thinking to myself “well, it’s about damn time” — a limo pulled up. A giant hip hop posse got out and I realized that these girls were all going to have sex with Ludacris, not me. Which made sense because I didn’t remember seeing them at our concert.

I wanted to take pictures but I was afraid how obvious I would be and I didn’t want anyone to kick my ass. I managed a few blurry shots, but didn’t get any groupies in the frame. I thought about maybe playing the Spring Fling Card — (“Hey! Ludacris! Remember that spring fling show we played together at UMass Amherst last year!? I was in the really wimpy band with the strobe light right before you? We sure had some good times…. {long pause}… yeah… {longer pause} …. how about I come hang out with you and your friends in your suite? I’m a fly on the wall, Cris. Fly on the wall…”)

So, while Ludacris was busy having sex with eleven girls in his hotel room, me and Joe and some of Joe’s friends threw the frisbee around in front of the hotel. Then we got the frisbee stuck in a tree. Then we threw a bottle of water at the frisbee to try to get it down but got the water stuck in the tree. Then we treed a second frisbee trying to get the first frisbee down (we didn’t care about the water)… then our friend Michael climbed the tree and got the frisbees back. All in about the time it took Ludacris to have sex with eleven girls in his hotel room. Or, maybe they were just looking out the window laughing at us.

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