10.18.03 – Texas

The seven-week point of the tour is the point where you’ve been on tour too long. It’s the point when people are liable to snap at any moment. It’s the point where conversations like this happen with the lady behind the counter at the hotel:

Me: I’d like to check out of room 710.
Her: I think your ear is bleeding.

And she was right, my ear was bleeding. I dabbed at it and it was wet with blood — not just like a speck of blood, but a full-on pool of blood, like I’d been shot in the side of the head but didn’t notice. Without a mirror in front of me I just used the front desk staff’s reactions to gage the severity of the situation, and they all looked pretty horrified. I started thinking “when could someone have shot me in the head? I hardly even felt it…”

Anyway, it was probably a shaving accident and Adam had a styptic pencil in his bottomless dop kit, which is good because we went to a radio station in Austin right after that, and at the seven-week point of the tour you don’t need a D.J. asking you if your ear is bleeding on the air. Or how you got the name Guster.

Anyway here are some highlights from Texas:

HOUSTON: I steered clear of the Jack-In-The-Box and had an okay time for once in Houston, thanks to a beer-drinking Cat and a beer-drinking bird. A guy named Jeff actually got kicked out of the show for throwing a ping-pong ball at the band during Airport Song. He was the only one who chucked one at us. He was screaming “It’s a tradition!!” and flailing his arms as the security dragged him out in a headlock. Or something.

DALLAS: Hands down the best show we’ve ever had in Texas. Yay.

AUSTIN: The show hasn’t happened yet, but Ryan’s adorable seven-year old cousin just soundchecked Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with us on a tiny little violin, and it’s gonna be Gold. It *has* to work… the only thing better would be if we could train a puppy or a kitten or a dead bird to play violin on stage.

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