10.29.03 – Chicago, IL

A few weeks ago a Chariots of Fire outro sprung up at the end of Homecoming King in Florida. It happened kind of organically, like we were just noodling at the end of the song and suddenly we all knew what had to be done, it was TIME… but then you start playing it regularly and eventually the novelty wears off and it feels less spontaneous, gets stale, and eventually gets retired. This is the way it goes for many of Guster’s gags (for the love of Christ, are we still playing the Hot Lixx version of Medicine?)

The plan in Chicago was to get a bunch of really big men out there in their underpants for the Chariots of Fire outro, and we lined up a bunch of full-figured friends for the job. Even sent two out to Walgreens for tighty-whities when they thought they could just show up in boxers and pull off a Chariots reference (k’shaw!?). Anyway, all bets were off when we realized the Barenaked Ladies were in town that night, and no one likes to be on stage with Guster while wearing their skivvies more than them. (Dental Plan! Lisa needs braces?)… they gave us two brilliant slo-mo laps (three BNL guys anyway, along with three miscelaneous large friends of ours) and Kathleen Edwards punctuated the gag with her signature “Hey I’m Hot AND I’m Wearing Guster Is For Lovers Panties” ass flash. The members of Guster were happy and the members of the crowd were alternately happy and confused. We played Rainy Day as an encore for the first time in at least three years. It was just like the scene in Life as a House where the miserable whiny kid hits rock bottom and agrees to give the creepy neighbor guy a blowjob in his Mercedes for cash. (that scene is soundtracked with Rainy Day, just to be clear here).

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