11.10.03 – Arizona

At about 11 this morning Pasty extended his arm through my bunk curtain, feeling around blindly for my eyelids, but I rolled over and managed to position myself against the wall of the bus where I was barely out of his reach. If Pasty doesn’t make contact with you in these situations, you don’t officially have to wake up. He tried a few more times but I think I just incorporated it into a dream where me and Pasty were boxing and I was doing the Cassius Clay thing where you don’t swing, you just tire the other guy out by avoiding his punches.

He eventually gave up, but about a half hour later when I got up to pee I noticed a Fox TV news truck parked outside the bus and suddenly remembered that we had some local Tucson news interview this morning. I guess a free show in a little courtyard next to a Starbucks is newsworthy down here.

I threw on some pants and stumbled out of the bus barefoot to where the interview was happening. Mind you, I could give a shit about being a part of the Tucson Arizona Fox News interview, but I needed to get to Ryan and Adam early to make sure they treated the situation with proper irreverence. For instance, this summer in Detroit I was interviewed by a local TV reporter right before going on stage at Tastefest…. I made him a little uncomfortable, pretending I was an athlete, delivering a self-consciously distracted “we’re gonna go out there and execute the gameplan, give 110%, and if God’s on our side we’ll come away with the victory” while looking around as if someone were about to dump a bucket of Gatorade on my head.

When I got there it was too late, the interview was happening, and Ryan and Adam were standing awkwardly next to a reporter while he used his “reporter voice.” I caught only one question… “So, what’s the name of a song we can expect to hear from you today?” Ryan was holding a cup of yogurt in his hand. He looked at Adam and said “we’re definitely gonna play ‘Gettin Down In The House’ tonight.” The situation was under control. I went back to sleep.

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  1. Julie Wagner

    This was the day I became a Guster fan. I was a freshman at UofA and came to that concert in the courtyard oblivious to who Guster was at the time, and I’ve never looked back. I live in Wisconsin now and never miss a show when you’re in the area.

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