11.17.03 – Walla Walla, WA

For the last week The Trachtenberg Family have been warming up the crowd by playing along to a slide show on a screen in front of my percussion kit. The slides are random ones they “found” and the songs are usually performed by Mr. Trachtenberg with his ten-year old daugther Rachel on drums. Mom runs the slide projector and plays a little tambourine.

Anyway, the Trachtenbergs have dropped off the tour, though not because Guster fans weren’t nice to them. The road ain’t no place to start a family, or be a family, or to drive your family over the Rocky Mountains in a beat-up Suburban stuffed with merchandise. We will miss them. My favorite interaction was when Ryan brought up yoga during dinner backstage in Seattle and Rachel said “I *used to be* into yoga.”

In the bus on the way to Walla Walla, Sean and I dealt with life on the road without the Trachtenbergs the only way we knew how to. We played the DVD screen-saver game on the TV in the back lounge. In order to play CDs in the lounge, you have to use the DVD player, and the TV has to be on so you can hear it. Which means that to listen to Sean’s “Ella & Louis” disc, we had no choice but to stare at the DVD logo bouncing around the screen, landing squarely in the corner of the TV only once every half hour or so. You can imagine what an amazing moment it is to witness this rare event, like a meteor shower or something.

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