11.18.03 – Boise, ID

The one-two punch of Walla Walla and Boise was definitely not what the doctor ordered at this point in the tour. Florida (the previous low point) was thin but we played well and the shows had a spirit. The last couple of nights have seen the wheels coming off the wagon. Joe’s guitar was cutting out all night tonight (but we should hold on to that cable, in case it works tomorrow!). Ryan’s voice has gone from sultry/sexy to “please for the love of god let me give you a tissue.” And I had a finger go down during Happier tonight. It should be back in the morning.

Not to mention that I took a crap in the student center at Whitman College yesterday only to discover that my stall was out of toilet paper (rule #1, Brian, check for paper first, have we learned nothing on the road in eight years?)… I ended up wiping my ass with one of those big disposable paper toilet seat covers.

Joe set a new band record in Walla Walla too, wearing the same t-shirt on stage for a third consecutive night without removing it once inbetween. And he pulled the triple-shot with the worst shirt in his collection… the one he got in Gatlinburg Tennessee with Gatlinburg written haphazardly in a bunch of horrible fonts all over the front of the shirt. The shirt does the town no justice. I’ve spent some of the best days off of my life in the Greater Pigeon Forge Tennesee area.

And to top it all off I’m watching my bus driver play Grand Theft Auto right now… he’s driving his car into pedestrians, off bridges, etc… and laughing maniacally the whole time. Sarge likes to beat up the hookers.

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