11.23.03 – Des Moines, IA

So with the Embassy Suites Grand Ballroom Gig in Des Moines Iowa, our run of 7 shows in 8 days is over and now we get a short break for Thanksgiving. I don’t know why I always feel the need to show everyone pictures of my bloody mitts. I guess I kind of feel like a bad ass about it. Or maybe I feel less guilty about playing with sticks for a few songs, even though the above carnage came courtesy of the hi-hat.

The pig-in-a-blanket finger up there is my left index finger, which stung all night even through 800mg of ibuprofen, a thick layer of Dermabond (prescription medical krazy glue), two layers of hydrocolloidal foam dressing, and my usual hockey tape, wrapped around the package about 9 times. It was weird to hit my conga with that finger tonight. The bandage made contact well before my finger normally would, and I had to compensate for the latency in my playing style. No I didn’t.

So, even though we desperately need a little time off, and even though tonight’s show was in a hotel, Iowa kicked butt. I don’t know why we avoided it for so long. Here is a picture of Joe and his late-night snack: Hot Pocket and a side of Cheez-Its.

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