12.07.03 – St Louis, MO

I was so eager to get a good picture of Hootie and the Blowfish in St Louis that I hardly got a chance to enjoy their set. I couldn’t figure out how to work the camera zoom, whether the flash was necessary, etc… here are a couple of failed attempts:

Too Many Dariuses
Too Dark

So then Ryan walked up to Darius during the gigantic collective “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” encore, extended his arm, and snapped this photo:

And it was that easy. Right in the middle of the song. Then he pointed the camera away from his head and started shooting it at everyone else… I hope someone finds a way to get this next photo to Tyler from BNL. His eyes are rolling into the back of his head and he’s foaming at the mouth because he can sense that I’m poised on the top rope, hovering above my prey like Superfly Snuka in his prime.

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