12.11.03 – Donnie

Our lives are in this man’s hands. This is Donnie, our new bus driver for the last leg of the tour. If you look closely you can see the exact point where the flames on his shirt end and the flames on his arms begin.

Like Guster, Donnie is from Massachusetts. And like Guster, Donnie owns a helmet with a coyote hide glued to it that was sent to him by a group of bikers called the “Red Devils,” who helped him fix his bike following a collision with said coyote somewhere in western Texas years ago.

And in an expression of determination matched only perhaps on this tour by Matt Peskie’s stunning victory at the stuffed animal toy crane at Denny’s in Harrisburg, on Sunday Donnie literally *willed* the NFL Direct TV Satellite Package to work. He was adjusting antenna positions, bus angles, and just generally not accepting no as an answer. I got to watch the Giants get their asses kicked again.

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