12.24.03 – DVD Shows

This may be the mushiest road journal ever!

We can’t thank you enough, people of Portland Maine & people who travelled to Portland Maine last weekend. We walked on stage Friday night to the most energetic crowd of the tour and played a set full of pure, unadulterated, nervous energy! While we nailed a few songs (Backyard, Ramona, Fa Fa), we had an intimidating list of tunes we “had to get” the second night, and somehow we pulled the Tightest Show in The History of Guster out of our asses on the last night of the tour. Yes, we were wearing the same clothes both nights. Some of us were even wearing the same socks.

There was something very special in the room on Saturday, and I think the DVD will capture it.

Special thanks to our crew, who definitely don’t read the road journal, for being so good to us for four months this fall.

See you in ’04.

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