03.18.04 – Ithaca, NY

This is no way to rock. How can I be expected to rock while my finger is covered with Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Padding, Kendall Alginate Hydrocolloidal Dressing (attached with Krazy Glue), and a chunk of a Bridgeport Sound Tigers minor league hockey #1 foam hand? These are not the ingredients of rock. And yet, without this unique combination of elements I can rock even less. I can not rock at all. Without these items the bongos are like a a hot pan filled with bubbling oil, waiting to deep-fry my mitts like a plantain.

The damage was done during a 45-minute set in Montreal the other night, to a young crowd of unsuspecting Quebecois who whispered “Zut alors!” to one another as the blood splattered during “Happier.”

Moving on to brighter topics… we threw our own Cornell University show in among the Mayer dates last week on a Sunday night in Ithaca and somehow ended up with the biggest crowd that we’ve ever headlined to outside of Boston and NYC. I think they were mostly Cornell students, and many of them came to check out Rufus Wainwright too, but there were a sea of bodies bouncing on a nerf track that night, and Ryan chose to indulge them with a glimpse of his own wonderland of a body when an “Ithaca has GORGES” shirt made it’s way to the stage.

Grammatically correct apparel — Ithaca *is* gorgeous…. Ithaca *has* gorges.

Even though he was just putting the shirt on, we have the technology here — if we just Flip It & Reverse It — to make it look like it’s coming off… here’s a little screensaver for the ladies…

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