03.27.04 – Wisconsin

Scotty Crowe, 2002

Remember Scotty, the guy that writes the road journals on John Mayer’s website? The two of us had a bit of an ongoing feud during the Mayer/Guster summer tour of 2002, a feud that was propagated by our fans, who goaded us with emails and sometimes exposed Scotty’s genital diseases on the side flaps of homemade Guster posters:

Nearly two years have passed since those accusations flew, and the wounds have not completely healed. This is from his journal entry a few weeks ago, the night we joined the tour…

“Finally, our good friends of the entity Guster are back out with us. Call me Norah, but it feels a bit like home. But I know this fun is wrapped deeply in a bouquet of potential hatred — I can’t wait to see what sorts of STDs the Guster fans will notifying me of possessing this time around.”

And now it’s the last weekend of the tour and there hasn’t been any road journal sparring whatsoever. No crab-calling from the crowd. No controversy. Last night, Scotty and I agreed we’d celebrate our newfound harmony with a photo of us sharing a hug:

But the photo came out all wrong. He’s hugging me, I’m not hugging him — it almost looks like he’s humping my leg. So I thought I’d put this picture up instead…

It captures the essence of Scotty. I just discovered the zoom-in function on iPhoto, too…

Someone please make a t-shirt out of this.

NO BUT SERIOUSLY. Thanks to the Mayer crew for treating us so nicely. At the Purdue show, John walked out on stage with us at the top of our set, like in the middle of the pack, between Adam and Joe… he walked all the way across the stage and off the stage. Not one person noticed. It reminded me of the show in North Carolina in 2002 when we introduced a special guest for the next song, “please welcome to the stage Mr John Mayer” — crowd goes nuts — John walks on stage but doesn’t pick up a guitar, instead he sits down with crayons and a coloring book and colors for the duration of the song, then walks off. Most arena-rockers aren’t so creative or loose… not that I know that many arena-rockers. Just a few. Like Sting. And a couple others.

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