03.30.04 – The Joys of Yiddish

Tour is over, for better and for worse.

For better: I’ll use the two weeks off to drain the fluid out of my fingers (and to discover that a simple Google Image Search for “swollen fingers” yields gold, pure gold!)

For worse: Yesterday I was eating Mayer-funded, sesame-encrusted tuna with wasabi-mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus, served to me by Mayer-funded, sesame-encrusted, pretty catering ladies. Today I went through the last six packets of H-O Instant Oatmeal in my apartment just to make the hunger go away.

At the end of a tour you go through your end-of-a-tour-routines…

1.) Rock, paper, scissors for whatever random bus items have no clear owner. In this case, me, Sean, and Pasty were willing to go to the mat for the front-lounge squirrel, the source of which was a mystery. In this case, I should have thrown rock. Nothin’ beats that.

Ro-Sham-Squirrel                                     Recreating events for the road journal is fun!         

2.) Purge all the photos from the new camera-phone and post the best one. The winner is…

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