First five minutes back on the bus for the spring tour and the most obnoxious, chiming melody just started careening out of someone’s cell phone. Everyone perked up in the front lounge and began searching for the offender. Joe’s eyes narrowed in on me accusingly as the phone played its cruel song a second time… but it wasn’t me. I never take my phone off of vibrate.

Suddenly the sound went away. “Hello!?” said Smitty, from the driver’s seat.

Fists clenched, a collective muted cry of “Smitty!” emerged from behind the teeth of the crew in the front lounge. Actually, it’s good to have Smitty back — smoothest ride we’ve ever had in a bus — though we never found out what happened to Donnie after his mysterious disappearance last tour. Abducted? Probed!?

Last week Smitty’s girlfriend showed him his road journal from last tour and Smitty showed up this time demanding a new interview.

New interview with Smitty:

guster.com: “Smitty, how’d you wind up with that particular cell phone ring, did the phone come with it set to that one?”

Smitty: “Yeah, why is it the same as yours?”

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