04.16.04 – Guster Anthology

Were any of you guys up against me in the bidding war for the homemade “Guster Anthology” DVD on eBay? Why’d you bail at $16? I was ready to take that auction to the mat. I had band dollars to play with.

Flipping through the contents — it’s got a few late night TV appearances on there, Austin City Limits, a few videos and other rarities — I’ve said it before, these bootlegger people are not to be prosecuted, they are to be mocked publicly for their really lame artwork instead. I mean, why shut down a guy for trying to pay off his TiVo bills?

But this guy actually went with the artistic themes from Keep It Together… he kept the cover understated, he chose a font that’s appeared in Guster posters before… it’s like he was challenging me to find fault with it — “go ahead and mock me, Bri, my really lame artwork is just your really lame artwork.”

Alas, a closer look at the back cover reveals a haphazard photoshop job on the band member heads…

Ha ha… with that crazy photoshop job, why, he makes it look like we have bad haircuts!

Guster — worst hair in rock?

On a separate note, will the person who fit an entire dissertation about the movie “The Goonies” onto a ping pong ball that ended up on stage please email me here: guster@earthlink.net

Thank you.

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