04.29.04 – Butchie Playing Bocce

This is Butchie. The man responsible for driving a 75 foot truck full of Guster equipment to every show on this tour. And with so many back-to-back days on this run, he deserves a road journal and a Guster Medal. Last night he sat for an hour and a half in a line of trucks at the Canadian border waiting to be inspected at 4:30 in the morning, and tonight he’s got a 550 mile drive to get the gear to Pennsylvania for load-in tomorrow morning.

Come to think of it, last night the rest of us sat in a border crossing waiting room for an hour too, while border crossing people searched fruitlessly for drugs and weapons and rare mollusks that would wreak havoc on the unsuspecting ecology of Canada if released into select lakes within the country. They found nothing. But it’s a good thing Allyson’s copy of “High Times” magazine with Ani DiFranco on the cover was sitting out on the table in the front lounge. We could have actually gotten out of there quickly or something.

And why is it I always turn red in the face and act completely guilty, like I have something horrible to hide even though I don’t, whenever one of these uniformed border cops asks me a simple question? “Mr. Rosenworcel, where were you born?” “Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, sir.” “Well, which one is it, Champaign or Urbana?” {pause} {sweat} {shake} {pause} “I…. I believe they are twin cities… and there’s a giant squid in a tank in the closet of the back lounge and three pounds of marijuana up my ass.”

This is Butchie playing bocce, the Gusters’ favorite new campus activity. In the background is his teammate, fellow Italian Joe Pisapia, who lost 20-14 to the all-Jew team of Miller/Rosenworcel. No one can beat me and Ryan at stupid trivial sports like ping pong, bocce, and video tennis. No one. While we were out in the courtyard at Calvin College a student in one of the dorms started blasting Guster out of his window. Maybe he was just getting pumped up for the concert that night, but I see it as the ultimate passive aggression, trying to furtively affect the band’s set list in the middle of their bocce game. He went from “What You Wish For” right to “Two Points For Honesty,” made it through half of “Rainy Day” (best song on the album) and then went right to “Careful” on K.I.T. He got everything he asked for, except half of Rainy Day, which we haven’t played in six months.

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