05.02.04 – Toronto, Canada

Bookend-ing this photo are Adam Gardner and Ryan Miller of Guster, along with their guitars and horizontally-striped sweaters. In the middle are seven members of the St. Francis de Sales youth choir, from Ajax, Ontario — on stage with us for a nervewracking but rousing rendition of “All The Way Up To Heaven” in Toronto. Biggest and cheapest applause of the night.

After the show, with their parents and chaperones trying to stay awake backstage, we wrote our names on pieces of paper for the girls while they asked me if my hands hurt.

“Yes, but not as much as THIS GUY” I said, directing them all to a Carvel employee’s website and babbling on and on about Cookie Puss and stigmata until it got really quiet and one of the chaperones said “c’mon girls, we’re leaving.”

Thanks to The Phoenix Club in Toronto for letting us break the 19+ rule with the choir.

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