06.16.04 – Orlando

Where did all this Florida love come from!? I’m beginning to think we’ll have to drop the “you hate us, we hate you, let’s just get this over with” approach we’ve taken with this state.

One group at the show was actually from Massachusetts. They came down to see the concert and soak up some sweet Florida culture (Wolfgang Puck Cafe! Virgin Megastore! Rainforest Cafe! Planet Hollywood! Orlando has it all!). They even made t-shirts for the occasion, featuring the Big Friend with a Red Sox hat and a cartoon martini, with gratuitous use of the word “wicked” in there to boot…

…but there were actual native Floridians showing us love last night too. One girl said she “was going to make us cookies but had a really busy week.” That was nice. It’s the thought that counts. Not the soft delicious cookies.

And then while waiting for our check at IHOP at 1am, our waitress showed up with a plate full of sloppy lines of ketchup. I was about to say “no, we didn’t order the nasty ketchup plate, we’re waiting for our check” when I noticed that the ketchup spelled something. It spelled “y’all is a trip” and came courtesy of a table of young Gusterrhoids seated nearby. How thoughtful. There was even a note attached to the plate that read “from your black Guster fan” — insinuating that he’s the only one that exists, but alas our ketchup-composer friend is mistaken. There is one in Virginia too. And we used to have one in New Jersey.

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