09.07.04 – Pueblo, CO

Sept 7th… day off in Pueblo Colorado.

This is Adam’s bunk and yes there’s Shasta in it. Not because Adam wakes up in the middle of the night with a deep down body thirst that only warm carbonated water will quench, but because he’s the one that somehow got “club soda” on the rider despite the fact that no one in our entire entourage drinks it.

Unfortunately, the picture is just a sad recreation of the event that actually took place. The venue in Salt Lake City was nice enough to give us six one-liter bottles of Shasta seltzer water, and since Adam likes it so much Ryan put all six bottles in his bunk. In clever places, mind you… velcroed to the ceiling, inside his pillowcase, etc.

Those Gusters are crazy! Guess where they put club soda? In each other’s bunks! Where they sleep!!

For a less lame rock ‘n roll experience, please visit another band’s road journal.

I discovered the great flaw of the Shit Colander today. It’s when someone hocks a loogie into the toilet and it doesn’t make it through the sieve — the snot seems to bond chemically with the wire screen, creating a Super Loogie that gains strength with every piss-flogging it takes. That’s the problem with the Shit Colander. I’ve tried to pee that loogie through the strainer five times today. It won’t go. Someone is going to have to touch the Shit Colander.

In equally-upsetting news, look what I read on the Trippin’ Balls website today: http://www.trippinballs.com/road.html … some bands just aren’t very grateful. Those guys played way over their set time both nights we had them on the bill.

Trippin’ Balls

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