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11.10.04 – London, UK

We flew from New York to Manchester, England on the night of November 2nd… which means we had a full week in the UK to wallow in the result of our election. Fortunately, London proved itself to be a great place for a sulk. The sun — if it emerges at all — sets by about 4pm. A nice cold drizzle persists most days, and just about every local person who heard my American accent (or called me out on my fake British accent) was eager to tell me what a wanker they thought George W. Bush was. I can’t think of a more ideal post-election locale, actually.

We’d heard that opening acts in London generally play to standoff-ish crowds, but that was all rubbish (bullocks!)… Maroon 5’s audiences in Manchester and Brixton could not have been more supportive. Polite, energetic… stylish. We left the island with the itch to return and the feeling that we could build some real momentum across the pond. England was good for our band’s intestinal fortitude.

England was not as good to Pasty’s intestinal fortitude… I found out he’d succumbed to “The Unspoken Jet Lag” when on the fourth day he whispered to me that he still hadn’t taken a crap yet. Poor Pasty, all these years of tour managing and he doesn’t realize that whispering something bowel-related to me is the same thing as whispering it to everyone who reads the Guster road journal. Funny how a flight across an ocean can make one’s valve clam up for days at a time. When on the fifth day Pasty locked himself in the bathroom with a copy of the International Herald Tribune we expected a scene like that Family Guy where Peter eats a year’s supply of food and gets all bloated and yells “Everyone leave, I have to poop… NOW!” — but alas Pasty emerged defeated and continued to roam the streets of Westminster with a cup of coffee in his hand.

While we’re on the topic… those of you who followed the saga of the Shit Phone (long story short, Joe fished his cell phone out of the toilet and continued to use it even though it’d brushed a turd)… might be interested in this article (thanks, Liz!):

Good God, this is beginning to read like a blog and I’m beginning to get the feeling I get when I know a road journal is going to live on the website for months at a time while we’re off the road recording. It’s a strange feeling, kind of like a burning sensation, that beckons me to finish stronger… or to go back and edit together an entry with more staying power or something. Do I go with the Adam-pissed-in-a-bottle-of-Evian-because-there-was-no-backstage-toilet-at-the-venue-in-London-but-it-didn’t-change-the-taste-of-the-Evian-at-all joke, or do I just sign off?

In any event it shouldn’t take us a year to make a record this time. We’ve got a great start on the songs (debuted one in London!) and we hope to be at Joe’s house in Nashville recording a batch of five or six songs a month from now. Look for studio journal updates soon. Cheers.

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