our crew decided it was silly hat day at rhodes college in memphis today. i don’t think they discussed it, i think they just reacted to the hot noon sun bearing down on their scalps while they were setting up for an outdoor show. is there a better day to introduce the new crew members to the guster-consuming public than silly hat day? i think not.

this here is josh, and he’s our monitor guy. if he looks young, that’s because he’s 21. if he looks ripped, that’s because he’s wearing a wife-beater. everyone looks ripped in a wife-beater.


and this here is seth, our new tour manager. pasty plans to show him a thing or two about running the lights at some point, so seth will eventually wear more than one hat. though, as you can see, just one is working quite well for seth. you have to respect a man in a silly hat with a serious expression on his face.


finally, we have with us a new guitar tech by the name of “andy,” or “anderson heath bracht jr” for short. andy’s rocking the visor and the elf power t-shirt today. like seth, he worked for the polyphonic spree before he worked for guster. our crew has more indie cred than ever before, and our crew is more jewish than ever before. we gained two jews in the three-man crew exchange, making the bus ratio 50/50. anderson heath bracht jr is not one of them.

anderson heath bracht jr.

even veteran guster crew members sean lynde and paul tozer got in on the silly hat action today.

sean and paul

sean is borrowing a bit of shade from paul’s hat in this picture, though his thick hockey-helmet-like hair generally protects him from the sun’s most carcinogenic rays. we will discuss the hockey-themed part of this tour another time.

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