05.04.05 – North Dakota

This is what Joe looks like sitting at the airport at 5am. Disheveled but distinguished, awake but sleeping. The comatose glare could be due to many things, among them trying to stay up all night playing poker on the ride from Grand Forks, North Dakota to the airport in Minneapolis. It took us a while, but we’re finally onboard the nationwide Texas Hold ‘Em bandwagon. It’s fun to take each other’s per diems.

It was useless to try and sleep. We were off stage in North Dakota by 11pm and our crew had packed our gear onto the truck and boarded the bus by midnight so we could make the five hour, 85 mph drive to the airport. Many thanks to our fearless bus driver John Harper for getting us there on time. Just as we were celebrating the heroics and pulling into the Sun Country Air terminal, we scraped the top of the bus against a (mismarked?) bridge clearance in the terminal. Made an ugly noise, but all we lost was a CB antenna. Party on!

As far as our first ever show in North Dakota is concerned, they put us in the 20,000 seat football arena, though we probably would have been better off in a coffee house. Apparently they have “Larry the Cable Man” coming next week — a comic I’ve never heard of who sells thousands of tickets to North Dakotoids — and they didn’t want to build two stages in two venues, so Guster headlines the arena.

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