11.08.05 – Ithaca, NY

While Sean’s farewell road journal was lingering online last week we were busy playing show after show in the midwest, and getting to know my new drum tech “Scooter” a bit better, especially in regard to his bizarro Texas Hold ‘Em bluffing style. (Did Scooter really just look at his cards, yell “Woo!”, clap his hands together, and raise the pot five dollars? Did that really just happen!?)

Here are a couple of highlights from the midwest that I failed to document last week…

1. Columbia, Missouri

We spent our day off pillaging the world famous Perche Creek Driving Range / Go Kart / Batting Cages / Paintball facility (located conveniently near exit 121 off I-70 in Columbia), where I was pelted repeatedly with lump-inducing vegetable-based paint pellets from the barrel of Scooter’s gun. I would have posted pictures of the nasty welts on my arms, legs, and neck, all courtesy of my new drum tech, but you the readers of the Guster road journal are surely tired of my masochistic entries at this point (booooring!), and besides, here’s a picture of Ryan playing “Jesus on the Radio” in a chicken suit at the Blue Note the next night.

I promise that I’m standing next to him dressed as a shark swallowing a human, you just can’t see me.

2. Ann Arbor, Michigan

After what I hope is our last non-general-admission theater show ever, we ended up at a bar down the street called “Scorekeeper’s,” where there was a really loud blues band, 436 screens of NBA highlights, and a growing feeling that it was only a matter of time before we ended up on stage, playing really bad blues music.

And wouldn’t you know I was right. About an hour into the evening me and Joe and (guitar-tech) Anderson Heath Bracht Jr and (monitor guy) Josh Cohen took over for the very competent blues band with our own… blues-like… music. And when I turned the sticks over to Scooter the sound went from bad blues to a strange kind-of-Brazilian jazzy blues, to some MMW groove with a trumpet guy, to a riff from a Rush song, and back into the Brazilian thing… and as if the whole scene wasn’t weird enough, this guy starts dancing flamboyantly in front of the “band,” where he was captured mid-bridge:

That move is called “The Bridge” isn’t it?

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