11.11.05 – Fairfield, CT

Flipping through the Fairfield University school paper before our big college gymnasium show last night, we discovered this peculiar article on page 2:

And for the first time, everyone in Guster felt like they’d finally made it. We had our own real true-to-life stalker, escorted off campus by the town police and everything! Although he wasn’t really stalking us, he was probably just being a little creepy, wearing a bowler hat, and refusing to tell people what sort of work they’d be doing if they joined his production company. Did you read that line in the article? If not, I’ll print it one more time for good measure:

He also was offering students $450 for four hours of work with his production company, but refused to elaborate as to what this work would entail.

Just a note to those of you out there walking the fine line between creepy and criminal… if you’re going to stand on the sidewalk offering random students $450 for four hours of work with your production company, you might want to be prepared to discuss job responsibilities, opportunities to advance within the organization, and dental plans. Or end up in jail.

Other than the fact that there were Fairfield students crowdsurfing during, like, the beginning of Come Downstairy & Say Hello, it was a good show. People almost never crowdsurf at our shows, but whenever they do Ryan tries to kabosh it right away by taking a vote… nothing’s less fun than trying to enjoy a concert while also trying not to be responsible for someone else’s head injury. So Ryan asked the crowd “how many of you like the crowdsurfing?” There was moderate applause. Then he got all fiery, pumped his fist, and said “AND HOW MANY OF YOU WISH IT WOULD STOP!!??” Like, three people clapped. I think most of what Ryan said inbetween songs got lost in the rafters of that gym last night.

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