11.18.05 – October 31st, 1993

Look. Someone carved their pumpkin to look like The Big Friend, the doll on the cover of our first record, Parachute.

Speaking of Halloween, we were visited by a ghost from the Gus era the other night in New Hampshire. Our old friends Bob & Lynne, who booked us to play a Halloween party at their house in Chelmsford MA in 1993. They must have seen us busking on the street in Harvard Square. And they must have offered us like $150 plus beer to play the gig, because we wouldn’t have done it for just a hundred bucks, and we definitely weren’t old enough to drink in public.

I have distant, probably-supressed memories of the show. Loading all our instruments and an entire PA system into my Chevy Nova… driving out to their house from Tufts… their friends calling us “adorable”… playing “Cocoon” like four times… playing that “500 Miles” song by The Proclaimers like nine times… wearing those pants, and that jester hat. We saw Bob & Lynne at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in New Hampshire last weekend, for the first time in twelve years. Their four year old daughter likes us now too. Why am I writing about this, on the day of a big show in New York City? Mostly because I want to show you guys the picture they brought with them for us to sign. I made them scan it and email it to me. Enjoy…

when i wake up, well you know i’m gonna be, i’m gonna be the man that’s wakin’ up … next… to you? or something

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