03.27.06 – San Francisco, CA

People on the west coast have been coming to see our band this week. One of them, Kristy at the University of Southern California, wrote us an email…

hey guys we just saw your show at the roxy… i was just wondering if you could post a picture or five of your friend scooter. i am asking because my friend and i think he’s adorable…well, hot. thanks so much and hope you guys come back soon. we’re also really looking forward to your new album!

These days about half of the mail we get through our website is Scooter-themed, and while many involve requests for pictures of the young drum-tech/supermodel, never before have we received such a brazen request for an entire photo shoot. But because today’s Scooter’s 22nd birthday, and because I couldn’t get my camera to take a normal picture of him until I figured out that I needed to turn on the flash, your request will be granted this once, Kristy.

Scooter, at 22, trying to act as un-blurry as possible

At the Fillmore last night the remote pack that powers my in-ear monitor mix fell off and started dangling from my belt during “Center of Attention”… I guess the metal piece that holds it in place popped out and the whole pack was in danger of falling to the ground and leaving me stranded on stage with the reflection of the guitars off the back wall as my only rhythmic guide… I gave Scooter the look.

Scooter has come to know “the look” these days, it means “things are falling apart — get out here” …and it happens about once a show. In LA the other night he got the look when the basket that holds the hand snare loosened and almost tipped. But last night in San Francisco he was on stage to fix a problem he’d never encountered before — trying to get my pack to stay attached to my belt while I played a kick drum standing up. After about ten seconds of realizing the metal attacher-thing was hopelessly mangled, Scooter resigned himself to the fact that his best option was to kneel behind me holding the pack in place — pretty much sitting there for two minutes with his hand on my ass.

I wasn’t sure if he’d fixed it and was just hanging out behind me, or if he was actively holding the pack against my butt during the back half of Center of Attention, but the answer was pretty clear when I looked up and saw the front rows laughing at us. We got through the song and replaced the pack before the next one started. It was a big moment for me and Scooter too. Not in a Brokeback kind of way, but in a “do whatever it takes to fix the problem” kind of way. Happy birthday Scooter. You did a great job touching my ass for half a song last night.

Scooter: Photos 2-5, the blurry years

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