04.12.06 – Loyola University

Dave Yonkman (above, jowling) is on tour with us this week, helping to set up and run the Campus Consciousness Pavilion for Adam’s non-profit group, Reverb. We told him he could leave his camera at home. A six-foot-five fly-on-the-wall throughout the recording of Ganging Up on the Sun, Dave emailed our website to see if we wanted to go tubing with him in Indiana about five years ago. Now he’s our official documentarian, D.F. Yonkman to you, and a valuable source of insider information to Vinny, a five-year-old who went to our show at Loyola University last night…

Vinny came to the concert at the Gentile Center (do I even need to make the joke) with his mother, and liked every song except The New Underground, which was too loud. Fortunately, Allyson our merchandise-lady gave him a set of earplugs and he stuck out the rest of the show in the back by the merch booth with Allyson and Dave. Allyson hooked him up with a backstage pass too so he could meet his favorite member of Guster. Me.

Most of my interactions with little kids after shows are awkward. My hands are big. I am tall. My voice still cracks. But my conversation with Vinny was awkward in a whole new way. The entire time he was talking to me he was pinching his nose with his fingers. Even when he wasn’t talking he was clutching his nose as if his life depended on it. I wanted to know why but didn’t want to call attention to something embarrassing like a nosebleed or a horrible nose-elephantitis or something. I signed his aftershow pass, did my best to put out a disarming vibe, and kneeled down to pose for a picture with him. I held my nose too, just for the sake of camaraderie.

Later that night on the bus we were talking about Vinny, the kid who held his nose the whole time he was backstage, and Dave said, “oh yeah, that kid really wanted to meet you but I told him that the Thundergod smells really bad and he should cover his nose anytime he got near you.” True story.

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