04.14.06 – Canton, NY

I am about to break the cardinal rule of road journaling — never post two entries with references to “walleye” in them within one year. (see April 29th, 2005 for the first one) (or don’t, who wants to scroll that much, trust me it’s in there). But it’s April, and this is the month that we generally tour colleges, dip twice, and otherwise do outlandish things, so here goes:

This is Roger, our truck driver. He has a southern drawl but lives in Ohio. Which means he knows a thing or two about lake fishing. And with a day off between Chicago and upstate NY, he and his son Roger Jr caught their walleye limit at a lake in Ohio on Wednesday. And here’s the best part — Roger filleted the fish, breaded them, picked up a jug of peanut oil, and set up his deep fryer on the sidewalk outside the show yesterday at St Lawrence University. It was like our own little Passover Seder, except with walleye. And bread crumbs. And Roger, our truck driver.
I took a lot of pictures, so you’re going to have to look at them.

Roger setting up the deep fryer

Breaded walleye

Delicious fried walleye

Having succeeded with the fish, we started looking around for other things to deep fry, and Seth broke out a frozen veggie riblet — or as Scooter calls them “Veggie McRiblets.” We dumped that in the peanut oil and it came out nice and crispy.

Veggie Riblet (before)

Veggie Riblet (during)

And since the Campus Consciousness side of the tour is sponsored by CLIF bar, and those little turdlike delicacies have been ubiquitous the last few weeks, I decided to throw a Crunchy Peanut Butter CLIF bar in the deep fryer too.

Insert Caddyshack pool joke HERE

Insert another Caddyshack pool joke HERE

Roger Jr (on the right) asking the first of the four questions: “Dad, did the Thunderman just break our deep fryer?”

I would tell you how it tasted, but this whole journal is beginning to feel like a piss-poor imitation of my friend Steve’s famous website “The Sneeze” where he eats much more disgusting things than fried CLIF bars, and writes much funnier commentary than I do. I implore you to visit “Steve Don’t Eat It”, even if it means copying this link into your browser:


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