05.16.06 – Daytona Beach

You might have thought we weren’t still on tour, judging by the tour dates we have listed on our site, but we’re actually playing one last week of private college shows before we go on a proper tour this summer. So Saturday found us playing our instruments on the pool deck of a Holiday Inn in Daytona Beach Florida to a bunch of mostly naked students from the University of Dayton in Ohio.

The school makes a week long pilgrimage to take over the otherwise-desolate-this-time-of-year strip that is Daytona every May. The students stay in shitbox motels on the beach drinking can after can of The Beast (until their tears smell like The Beast), and when the cans are empty they go on the floor of the motel room next to someone who is sleeping. Sometimes you stand in a circle listening to that AC/DC song where they yell “THUNDER” every ten seconds, switching off who has to drink every time you hear the magic word. They call this game “Thunderstruck.” The Thundergod played Thunderstruck.

It was exactly like the MTV Spring Break scenes we used to watch on the television…. except it was our band, playing our unique brand of introspective mid-tempo adult contemporary melodic rock, rather than Kris Kross or House of Pain or Lit, who sing the “please tell me why my car is in the front yard” song and played this event last year. Anyway, the crowd, who’d just been fed 68 kegs of free beer during a power happy hour right before we took the stage, could not have been cooler. No projectiles. Just energy, flesh, and 95 degree heat in the middle of the afternoon.

Here’s a picture that Allyson took from the “merchandise booth” where she sold 0 cd’s and 0 t-shirts (note to Guster… naked people don’t have wallets), but sat butt-level in a chair and snapped this picture from her camera phone:

And while we’re sharing pictures from our camera phones, here’s one of Josh, our monitor engineer who was stuck in the heat of the sun with a tank top on during the show:

And while we’re on the topic of horrible shirt tans, here’s a Ganging Up on the Sun promotional photo we took last month in Los Angeles:

In stores June 20th!

Lucky for me that’s a fake make-up burn applied by a professional make-up artist, but Josh was sporting the real thing this weekend, and was nice enough to pose for a portrait so we could put his forehead tan in the road journal. The unique semi-circle design on Josh’s forehead can be achieved by first choosing a bald hairdo and then wearing a baseball hat backwards in Florida:

So yeah we feared the worst with this show and it ended up being really fun. Ryan let the crowd peer pressure him into chugging his beer on stage, and then kept insisting we were coming back next year. Before our last song, he brought Scooter on stage and told everyone it was his birthday. The crowd went wild. Scooter drank for free all night. Scooter turned 22 over a month ago.

Which brings me to my next topic. Why should we believe Scooter when he tells us that he’s 22 years old? We all know he looks like he’s 14, but has anyone actually seen his ID? Should I card him? There’s no way this guy is older than LeBron James:

No way.

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