06.28.06 – Connie Chung & Us

Another late night television performance, completed without a massive on-stage trainwreck. Let’s dance! The best part of playing on Jay Leno last night, besides telling Connie Chung I was a “big fan,” was Joe’s story that about halfway through “One Man Wrecking Machine” he made eye contact with Pat Riley, who was watching us from the couch. And as you might expect from someone with a coach’s mentality, Pat gave Joe a a nod and a subtle wink. In other words, “you’re doing a good job young man, now go get your head in the game and Godwilling we’ll get out of here with a Victory.”

I don’t know when they cut to commercial after our song, but Ryan said he tried to engage Connie Chung in conversation rather aggressively when Jay etc. came out to shake our hands, hoping the cameras would catch him and Connie yapping away. How’d he do? I went to bed before the performance aired. A great man once said: I don’t have to see it (Dotty)… I lived it.

And here’s another thing I lived:

Just a little taste of what we all have to look forward to when our friend Ace delivers the final cut of our video for “The New Underground.” We shot it a few days ago with our heads popping through an elaborately-constructed graveyard set. For the record, I asked the gentleman pouring fertilizer on my face if there was manure in the dirt, and he told me they “bought the kind with the least amount of manure.” We’ve definitely come a long way. I remember the old days before anyone knew our band — when the set designers on our video shoots wouldn’t even bother to check the manure-count on the fertilizer they were dumping on us.

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