07.31.06 – Pancake Mountain

Q: What is Guster doing in the above picture?
A: We are filming an episode of Pancake Mountain.

While you should still You Tube and Google that combination of words, the nutshell goes someting like this: Pancake Mountain is a kid’s show on Washington DC cable access television that’s not just for kids. There are puppets interviewing the guests and little toddlers running around in circles while you perform your song, but Pancake Mountain tends to book diverse indie rock artists on their show and has a hip older following on the interweb. Our appearance follows in the footsteps of Henry Rollins, Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, and other bands that are cooler than us.

When Ted Leo filmed his episode of Pancake Mountain, he started playing “The Wheels on the Bus” until the kids interrupted him and said they didn’t want to hear it, they’d rather rock… then he launched into his own song. Something like that. Nothing that cool happened yesterday, but we lip-synched along to “C’mon” in front of a blue screen for a couple of hours, while cute kids and their parents jumped up and down in between us.

In the green room next to the studio, I found the bag of donuts where the kids got all their energy from:

And this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen:

Her name is “Olive,” she’s one and a half, and she rocks a one piece custom-made Styx/Peter Frampton Summer Tour 2004 sundress with big pink earmuffs and British flag slippers better than most adults.

Anyway, all that youthful energy was addictive, and after the shoot I thought it’d be a good idea to reward all the kids by giving them free copies of our new poster featuring the members of the band with a bunch of cute puppies and kittens:

No not really. That’s a PG-13 poster, and I still have nightmares about the girl who turned into a blueberry in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But no kidding we really actually took that burning building pet-saving idea to completion — I found out the other day when someone came up to me after a show and asked me to sign their poster.

Me: Jesus. We really went through with this?
Him: Yeah, it’s awesome.

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