10.11.06 – James Madison University

I was eating veal piccata in the little catering area at James Madison University in Virginia when I saw… what, i can’t just drop “i was eating veal when” in a road journal? we have to talk about veal now? just because we drink soy milk and offset the energy we use at our concerts with renewable wind power doesn’t mean i don’t like my young calves to be stolen from their mothers, chained by the neck, forced to grow up in two foot crates, and lightly battered with capers and lemon… anyway, I was eating dinner at JMU when I noticed Lorenzo “Peanut” Bundy’s plaque on the wall….

A famous first basement for the Dukes of James Madison, Peanut reached the Triple-A level of minor league baseball before entering the coaching world in the 90s. He was inducted into the James Madison Sports Hall of Fame in 2003. Not knowing whether JMU was a big Division I school or a little Division III school, I fully expected the commemorative plaques on the wall to be recognizing the archery stars, shotput heroes, and minor league coaches that launched their careers in Harrisonburg VA. Never did I expect to see this man:

And for 99% of you, “Scott Norwood” is a name that’s obscure like Lorenzo “Peanut” Bundy, but not nearly as fun to say. For the rest of us, and especially for the rest of us that are NY Giants fans, it’s the greatest name in all of sports. Scott Norwood missed the 47-yard field goal at the end of Super Bowl XXV that would have won the game for the Buffalo Bills. The leading scorer in Bills history (ahead of the equally infamous OJ Simpson), Norwood graduated from James Madison University in 1982 with a degree in business administration.

And now for something we can all get into — the status of Chia Josh, our monitor engineer with the head of fuzzy hair that actually grows! It’s coming in a little patchy as you can see in the first picture, below, and Josh is a little perturbed, as you can see in the second picture, but don’t feel bad for him, this was his choice ($200 to not shave it until Thanksgiving). Besides, everyone rubs his head now.

Five more weeks to go, Josh!

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