11.20.06 – Orono, ME

Last week, as we neared the end of the Adam Has Pneumonia tour, we realized we’d almost forgotten that it was also the Chia Josh tour. If you haven’t been reading the, uhh, *weekly* road journal updates lately, our monitor engineer and sometimes keyboardist Josh Cohen collected $20 from each member of the Gusbus in exchange for two months of unabated hair growth.

Having only known Josh as a closely shaven bald man, we all felt we were getting a deal, even though Josh warned us that his hair grows in “patchy” and looks “weird.” Here is a photo of Josh from my camera phone, during the last week of the Chia Josh tour:

As you can see Josh is styling. He is suave, sophisticated, and two hundred dollars richer. The beret is for the good of the public, trust me, and it looks so good that he considered keeping the hair because, quite honestly, we all think the beret will go from cool to creepy if he wears it without the sideburns and such.

Josh chose to return to his more comfortable hairless state when the last show came around, and agreed to do it with pomp, circumstance, and a little danger. This is the girl Ryan picked out of the crowd to shave his head on stage in Orono, Maine during the middle of “What You Wish For” —

And here is her first incision, a bold vertical cut just east of the left ear that left a nice clump of hair on the stage between Ryan and Joe.

This is Josh in the barber’s chair, resembling a young Kyle Gass (what’s he gonna do with all the cash!?)

And as the last chords of What You Wish For rang out in the auditorium, our volunteer barber put the finishing touches on her Mr. Potato Head, leaving just two big awkward sideburns. You can sort of see one of the sideburns in this photo:

And last but not least, here’s a picture of me, celebrating the fact that I won $200 from Josh in a half hour of poker on the bus that very night! Woo-hoo! Never go all in when there’s a chance your opponent has a flush, Josh.

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