12.13.06 – Scooter For 1 Day

I should be writing about the 17-minute acoustic set we played on the side stage of the Hartford Civic Center last night, right before American Idol loser Chris Daughtry sang his heart out on the main stage, but believe it or not there are more pressing matters at hand.

After a couple months of watching homemade videos ooze their way onto the internet, we can finally declare a winner for the “Scooter For A Day” contest we held on YouTube. In a nutshell, the winner gets an all-expense paid trip for two on our January cruise to Turks & Caicos with Barenaked Ladies under the guise of taking over for Scooter as drum tech for a day.

I want you to know that the decision was not easy, and that we didn’t take it lightly. We watched every single video. We laughed, we cried, and we were forced to listen to songs that we wrote 15 years ago. For instance, Joe asked me “what’s that one old song I heard that had a great riff and a cool verse and then suddenly took a terrible emo turn at the chorus?” That song is “Love For Me,” Joe — and you’re right. It was sounding great until everything fell apart at the chorus.

I need to stay on track. We took the decision seriously, even calling in legends from the past like “Pasty” to weigh in. And it was a close vote. So we’re adding some runner-up prizes into the mix.

The 1st place winner will go on the cruise with a friend. In the event that the 1st place winner cannot fulfill his/her duties as Scooter for a day, the runner-up will be expected to step in, just like when Vanessa Williams posed for Playboy and relinquished her Miss America crown to someone else.

So here are the top 8, in reverse order. Everyone below will get free tickets and backstage passes to a show of their choice this spring. Thanks for all the effort, everyone. How about a round of applause for all our contestants!!

8th place: RENA

7th place: ALF

6th place: TOP DOWN 5

5th place: JANE

4th place: BUNNIE

3rd place: ANDREW DEAVER

2nd place: DENISE COOK

1st place: JEREMY P

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