02.20.07 – Boxing For Boobs

There were a lot more people at our shows in Orlando and Atlanta this weekend than there were in Charleston South Carolina on Thursday. But it was the Charleston show where I was reminded that my band has officially “made it” —

I remember the days when we wouldn’t have earned an equal font size on the marquis up against an event like Boxing For Boobs, which, by the way, is real. To enter you have to be a woman between the ages of 18 and 36, you have to have no professional boxing experience, and you have to weigh in between 100 and 150 pounds (insert New Image Camps joke HERE). You have to bring your own boxing gear.

If you advance, tournament-style, beating up woman after woman until you reach the final match, you are “boxing for boobs” because the winner gets a free boob job. Not on the spot. You get like, a coupon for the surgery. A reliable source has informed me that the last two winners were boxing for boob reductions. Anyway, what was my point? Oh yes. Same font size on the marquis. We rule.

So we worked up a six-man version of “Brazil” for this tour, and it’s been steadily improving every night. It was written in 1939 as “Aquarela do Brasil” and it’s been covered by a lot of dead guys. Jimmy Dorsey. Frank Sinatra. Chet Atkins. Django. We’re basing our arrangement on it from Geoff Muldaur’s version, which was the theme song to the movie Brazil from the 80s. Muldaur’s a Boston guy, very much still living, and Ryan somehow found him over email to tell him we’d worked it up from his rendition for this tour. He responded (!)…

Hey Ryan…

Feels nice to have spawned.  You and your band mates must be slightly deranged to have chosen to do Brazil a la Pottery Pie… so for this I am encouraged about the future.  Take care and enjoy.

Best wishes,

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