03.13.07 – Home Eating Mallomars

This is a special off-the-road edition of the road journal. I was at home, eating Mallomars and filling out my NCAA basketball tournament bracket the other day when I noticed something odd — the championship game was being played April 2nd, which is a show night for us. In and of itself it’s not so weird to have a concert the same night as the NCAA finals. Our fans aren’t particularly jock-ish, and while we play a lot of colleges, the fanbase isn’t collegiate to the point where we can’t draw a crowd up against a big college basketball game. We’re worse off every time we book a show on Pesach.

But the show April 2nd is in Lawrence Kansas. Lawrence Kansas, Lawrence Kansas… I know this one… why is this weird… college town — Oh God, the University of Kansas Jayhawks are the #1 seed in their bracket, 30-4 on the season, and Sports Guy Bill Simmons has them picked to win the finals. Shit. Game time 9pm. Guster set time 9pm. Who booked this show?

If we’re in Lawrence Kansas the night that the Jayhawks win the NCAA tournament, not only will I have a flaming car flipped over on my head by a jubilant wasted freshman, but we’ll be playing to a room of 12 angry people who drove from Colorado Springs, or Omaha, and can’t get a drink because there’s no one working the bar. Honestly I doubt the show would even happen. We’d spend the night hiding on our bus playing Nintendo Wii basketball and hoping no one tipped us over. Here’s our starting five:

And here’s our bench, because we have a crew beyond Scooter, they just don’t get much website glory :

So that’s why my bracket has a shocking upset in the Sweet 16, with the Crusaders of Holy Cross pulling off a miraculous victory over Kansas, followed by a nice spike in ticket sales for our show at the Liberty Theater on April 2nd. Go everyone that’s playing the Jayhawks!

LATE P.S. — I just discovered April 2nd is the first night of Pesach, too. How awesome is that.

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