04.06.07 – Oklahoma

Highlights from the last week on the road:

Monday in Lawrence Kansas, nearing the end of a great show at Liberty Hall, Ryan got a little comfortable on stage and decided to confess “we were really glad Kansas lost in the basketball tournament” … {hush comes over the crowd} … {silence becomes more awkward} … {drummer locates emergency exits behind the stage} … somethings are best unsaid in front of a crowd of Jayhawks.

Jayhawk curse or not, that night I came down with a fever. Chills, sore throat, general malaise. The kind of fever where even if you prescribe more cowbell you still feel like you’re gonna throw up. So the next night in Norman, Oklahoma I added some tylenol to my usual diet of ibuprofen so I would feel well enough to watch Demetri Martin open for us. We don’t play after stand-up comedians very often, but when we do it’s nice when it’s one of the only funny ones I can think of. Here’s Demetri standing in front of my percussion kit, wearing a light blue mickey mouse sweatshirt:

On my way to the bus after the show I saw Demetri standing outside the venue chatting with a group of people. These people had formed a perfect circle with Demetri while they asked for autographs or whatever. And I felt a joke coming on, and I went for it even though it’s probably ill-advised to try to be funny around a professional comic. “You guys need a hackey sack?”

{hush comes over the crowd} … I decided to clarify my joke with a follow-up charade and gestured like I was flipping an imaginary hackey sack into the middle of their circle… {silence becomes more awkward} … I think at that point I made the imaginary flip one last time (to really drive it home), mumbled something about being feverish, and continued on to the bus.

Did anyone notice the mullet on the security guard in Tulsa last night? I was kicking myself for not having my camera on me. Fortunately Dave “D.F.” Yonkman had his camera on him and took 25 photos of him. Enjoy!

Update. Dave somehow erased them. Would have made a nice montage. Instead, here’s a rogue mullet from a google image search. Enjoy!

Another update 4/7… thanks to Nonya for sending in this photo of our security friend during The Format’s set. Enjoy!

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