04.22.07 – Boston, MA

This is the video we showed the crowd before taking the stage at the Boston Opera House this weekend:

Many thanks to Buccigross for playing along. I heard he said “there’s two points for honesty” during a basketball highlight on Sportscenter last night too. There are a lot of people to thank, actually. I’m about to get all award-show-acceptance-speechy on your asses.

Thanks to Dave Yonkman for hatching this idea and executing the shit out of it. Thanks to our manager, Dalton, for trying his best to act, but ultimately reading a cue card like Christopher Walken does on Saturday Night Live. Thanks to Joe for stuffing a pair of hackey sacks down his shorts to create his own two points for honesty. Thanks to Ryan for cracking a raw egg into his mouth on camera and waiting until the shot was over before spitting it into the sink. And thanks to the nice people at Fenway for letting me crawl through a hole in the scoreboard. When the video ended we brought out a paper banner for us to break through gloriously at the moment where the guitar kicks in during “We Will Rock You.” The Boston entrance bar keeps getting lower, but it’s still a fucken bar!

Special thanks to Liz and Nicky from our office for making those banners. With the leftover paper scraps they made a second banner for the “encore” on Saturday night. They wrote “Bob Saget” on it and Ryan made the crowd chant “Bob! Bob! Bob!” before we’d play the encore songs — what happened next is shocking.

Bob Saget walked through the banner.

To understand why this is funny, you might need to look at it from Adam’s perspective — which happens to also be the crowd’s perspective. No one told Adam about this part of the show, so in his head Adam’s expecting this to be just another Guster exercise in anti-climax. Like the crowd, Adam is playing along with a lackluster “Bob” chant and waiting to be disappointed when Andy, our guitar tech, busts through the paper sign to complete the not very funny gag. Then Saget emerges, triumphantly. Shock. Awe. Flashbacks to videos of people getting hit in the nuts with footballs. The crowd goes crazy.

I have also enjoyed thinking about this from Saget’s perspective. The guy performs at the Orpheum to a sold-out crowd, but before heading home to the hotel, he has his limo take a pit stop at the Boston Opera House where some band he’s never heard of has invited him to make a random appearance. He walks on stage, breaks through a homemade banner with his name on it, waves at a crowd that is going ga-ga because they fucken loved Full House, shakes the band’s hands, tells Ryan “this is awesome,” and then heads to the hotel.

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