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03.10.08 – I am your father, Jojo.

Hello from off the road. Allow me to make an introduction… Jolene of the Rosenworcels is the one inside my jacket cooing like a pigeon. She was born February 6th and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was like without her. She’s got her mom’s just about everything but her daddy’s hair.

And so far she can’t play drums for shit.

So there won’t be much in the way of touring for a little while with two other Guster offspring en route, but for now the road journal makes a convenient site for baby photos. While I have your attention, I really want to thank Tyler Stewart from BNL for filling in admirably on drums while the other Gusters were covering my ass on the Ships ‘n Dip cruise the week my baby was due. That’s what you get when you book shows a year in advance. From all reports Tyler was fabulous, very funny, slightly overweight, and steady as a metronome, revealing to my bandmates and the universe exactly where I speed up and slow down in every song. Thanks again, Tyler.

By the way, the “Rosenworcel live via satellite” video from the cruise is now on YouTube. Apparently the people we planted in the audience to participate in the “question and answer” segment timed their questions so well that some people at the concert felt like the video was happening in real time. It wasn’t. It was pre-recorded by the wizard of magicland, D.F. Yonkman. Too bad this didn’t make it onto his Joe’s Place Greatest Hits Reel.

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