04.10.09 – Uh oh. Photo collage. It can only mean one thing…

You guessed it.  Our guitar tech, Anderson Heath Bracht the 3rd, also known as Li’l Andy and The Silent Killer, is bidding the Gusbus a fond adieu and moving on to a more domestic life in Austin TX.  He got a cake on stage the other night at Northeastern that had “You’re Dead To Us” written on it in delicious squeezable chocolate. Then he was gone.

Andy, I’ll never forget the time that some shithead in Milwaukee threw a flaming ping pong ball on stage that landed on the drum riser underneath my seat and you dropped the guitar you were tuning, darted across the stage, and stomped it out, just as I was thinking “my ass is getting a little warm.”  You saved my life, Andy, or at least my ass hairs, and for that I thank you.

I’ll also never forget the time you took my entire weekly per diem when we were playing poker on the bus, or the other time you took my entire weekly per diem when we were playing poker on the bus, or the… (and so on and so on).  Andy was the “Silent Killer” in so many ways, but mostly because you never noticed him winning any Hold ‘Em hands, but there he was cashing out a huge pile of chips at the end of the night every time, like clockwork.

I’ll also never forget the time you fixed the guitar amp at my wedding, using a dime and some cake frosting, while wearing a suit, even though you weren’t on the clock.  Or maybe you just tried to fix the amp at my wedding, realized it was impossible, and we just carried on without it.  I can’t remember.  I was drunk.

We’ll miss you Andy.

Alas, please welcome Elliott, who comes to us courtesy of the Dandy Warhols.  Elliott looks a little like Andy, with the long hair and the laid back look that says “I might go for a cleansing where I fast for a week consuming nothing but brown water and toothpaste any day now.”  It’s not an easy job tuning 17 guitars, basses, ukeleles, and banjos for three guys that shuffle instruments on every song, but Elliott seems to be picking it up quite quickly.  Be nice to Elliott.


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