04.27.09 – Syracuse


After the show at Syracuse last night I put on an orange t-shirt and talked with a bunch of kids after the show by the bus.  The conversation went something like this….  Blah blah blah good show blah blah blah yeah ben folds is amazing blah blah nice campus you have here blah blah winter lasts 8 months blah blah blah party school blah blah can’t wait to get out of here blah blah blah blah hey did you notice my orange shirt in honor of the syracuse orangemen blah blah blah yeah but that’s a Texas longhorns t-shirt, Brian.

Oops.  Hook ‘em horns.

It was fun to see a Ben Folds show for the first time since 2004 when we were on tour together, when Ben would join us on “Backyard” and “All the Way Up to Heaven,” rendering the latter of those two songs unplayable for the last five years because it sounded so weak without his piano touches.  Nice to see a five piece band playing Folds’ material too, so the hi hat overdub from Zak & Sara could get its own place in the mix.   Folds should be selling out Carrier Domes all across the country.  I hope it’s not another five years before we play a show together again.

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