04.29.09 – En route to Madison

Swine Flu Lady

I saw my first swine flu face mask today at the airport and immediately thought that I needed to get a picture so I could share it with the swine-flu-dodging followers of the Guster road journal.  I tried to “shoot from the hip” with the photo so she wouldn’t notice me, but the first picture came out dark and a little blurry because I don’t how to use my camera (I’m 35) (I use an Elph, or something)… so I went back for round two only to discover that the lady was holding a bag up over her face, well aware that she was being photographed, and not at all amused about it.  What a surprise to learn that swine flu lady was too busy avoiding a pandemic to have a sense of humor about the situation.

Then again maybe she was a hipster from Brooklyn with a poorly conceived personal brand that mocks those who suffer from a deadly global pandemic.  Oh wait, that’s me.

Just dropped my yogurt spoon on the carpet at LaGuardia airport, and actually thought twice before putting it in my mouth (but put it in my mouth anyway) (rather than getting up and getting another spoon at Au Bon Pain) (which is like 10 feet away) (if I get swine flu I blame you, Adam Gardner, and your omniscient environmental specter) (shit, what if I have swine flu).

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