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05.10.09 – Hot Blooded in Reading, PA

Albright College. Last night of the tour. Last song of the tour.

For bonus points, watch again and see if you can find:

a)  The crew from Reverb joining us halfway through the song

b)  Ryan’s dad buzzing around the stage like a butterfly

c)  Two random kids up past their bedtime

d)  Brian’s neck vein snapping in two

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05.01.09 – Marquette

We played at Marquette last night, but I forgot to go online and check to see which team eliminated Marquette from the NCAA basketball tournament this year, so we could start a chant that that school sucked horribly.  Would have been awesome.

Instead, the crowd at Marquette were treated to a show where me and Scooter had the same t-shirt on.  It had never happened before but now that we’ve tried it, I’m sure we’ll be doing it again and again.  It’s like we’re the generic uniformed workers slaving away on the drums while the guys at the front of the stage with the microphones near their faces are the celebrities in the band.

The shirt was the STAFF concert shirt from the previous night in Madison WI.  We all wanted the shirts because:

a) They didn’t say Univ of Wisconsin on them (not that they suck horribly, unless they eliminated Marquette, just that it’s nice to have a shirt without text on it)

b) They didn’t say Guster on them (not that we suck horribly…)

c) Nobody has any clean clothes left at this point in the tour.  And whereas normally in a situation like this someone would just go change their shirt before the show, neither Scooter nor I were about to budge.

Oh man.  I just saw that Missouri was the team that eliminated Marquette.  And for reasons that will soon become apparent, I can not disparage Columbia Missouri in any way, shape, or form.  Stay tuned.

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