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07.31.09 – Hot Summer Nights!

Looks like a beautiful night under the arch in St Louis.  78 degrees and clear according to my WeatherEye app.

I remember in 2006 when we toured with Ray Lamontagne over the summer, there was a show in Charlottesville VA where the temperature was 100 degrees and the humidity was like 97%.  I drank eleven waters on stage, barely got through The Fa Fa Fa Song, and then stumbled off stage in a stupor, 15 pounds lighter than when the show started.  Both of my socks were completely waterlogged and I could ring the sweat out of them.  My boxers were soaked through too.  There were no showers.

This is the summer touring I remember and the summer touring that Joe Pisapia dreads.  So far this season we’ve been really lucky.  With the exception of a typhoon that swept in and cleared the crowd between Peter Bjorn & John and Guster in Philly last weekend, the weather has been super accomodating.  Warm enough to require some post-show deodorant, maybe, but nothing approaching the evil we encountered in 2006.

But then superfan Jeremy P., the guy that won our hearts and our Scooter for a Day contest in 2007 with his charming version of The Captain on melodica, sent me a series of photos from our show in Jackson Mississippi back in June.  Swamp country!  This was the first show of our summer tour and it was muggy and disgusting out.  I had forgotten about it.

Jeremy’s four photos, in order, tell the story of a man who still thinks he is my drum tech, who thinks our bus is his bus, our beer is his beer, and my hamburger is his hamburger.  Jeremy has entitled this photo exhibit “Wearin’ out my welcome!” — enjoy.

I’m back!  You missed me!  Smile for the camera Brian!

Man, that was like the hottest show ever.  I’m eating your burger, Brian!

I can’t believe this is all that’s left of my hamburger.

I drew this for you with my crayon at The Ground Round, Brian!  It’s you!

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07.07.09 – Guster = McDonald’s = America

Road Journal slowly dissolving into a bunch of videos with unnecessary words inbetween.  We just played at the Rothbury festival in Michigan, which was fun, even if we felt a little out of place among the gypsies in the Sherwood Forest.  Here’s a taste:

Minutes later Joe and I were the ones lying on our backs inbetween the gongs wearing American Eagle sweatshirts and communing with our inner hippies.  Later that night we got all the zen out of our system at a McDonald’s somewhere in Michigan.

And before you go thinking that drive thru policies have loosened up in regard to walk-ups, they made Scooter shout the order to them from inside our bus, 12 feet from the window, rather than walking up to the window.

What happened next is hard to explain, but you can only watch Rothbury wookies dance naked for so long before you finally listen to Paula Abdul on another level.  D.F. Yonkman is the man behind the iPhone.

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